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International Family and Inheritance Law Experts

In Colombia our office solely focuses on international clients that need assistance with matters concerning family and inheritance law. Our clients have issues with marriage, adoption, divorce, child custody or abduction, alimony, inheritances and all matters related to these topics. They need to be able to count on experts on these matters who can attend to them swiftly, professionally with a personal touch and to their satisfaction. Also it makes a world of difference to be assisted by a lawyer that speaks your own language.Because of our offices in the Dutch Caribbean, but also due to the fact that we have cooperations with law offices in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain and the United States of America we are able to offer Colombian nationals legal assistance in all these countries, again reinforcing our international focus. 

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Marriage and prenuptial agreements


Nullity of marriage


Divorces and liquidation of the marital society



Permits to leave the country for minors

Parental authority, custody, personal care and visitation regime





Liquidation of estates

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